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Moritz College of Law

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College History: Digital Collections & Archives: Portraits

Descriptions and links to Moritz Law Library digital collections, library print resources and archival collections relating to College of Law history.

Pollack Portrait, 3rd Floor Reading Room

Portrait of Ervin H. Pollack

Professor and Director of Research Services, 1947-1972

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1975 (signed)

(Moritz Law Library 3rd floor Reading Room)

Ervin H. Pollack was Professor and Director of the Law Library from 1947 until his death on June 9, 1972. Pollack was instrumental in developing and greatly expanding the size and scope of the library's collection, increasing library staff and developing the legal research curriculum. He devised a unique system of classification for legal materials that was adopted by the library and subsequently used by other large, academic law libraries. During his tenure, the law library was established autonomously from the University Libraries, new faculty research and student services were offered, and the growing library collection was moved from Page Hall to the new Law Building on High Street, formally dedicated in the spring of 1960.

Pollack's portrait is displayed prominently at the center of the 3rd floor Reading Room book cases.

Alumni Portraits, 3rd Floor Reading Room

Portraits of Robert M. Duncan, '52, Distinguished College Alumnus (1992) and honorary Doctor of Laws recipient, and Grace Heck Faust, '30, Distinguished College Alumna (1990) and recipient of the 1971 University Distinguished Service Award on display in the library's 3rd floor Reading Room.


Portraits of Distinguished Alumni

Portraits of Distinguished Alumni

on display in the

Moritz Law Library

Michael E. Moritz (1933-2002)

Class of 1961

Columbus attorney, major benefactor and namesake of the Moritz Law Library and the Moritz College of Law

Artist: Han Xin (signed)

Moritz Law Library 2nd floor (Main Entrance)


Moritz Law Library 2nd floor Reserve Room

Hon. William M. McCulloch (1901-1980)

Class of 1925

Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1972 & 2015 (posthumous)

Presented by James F. “Jim” Dicke II, chairman and CEO of Crown Equipment Corporation

Artist: John Boyd Martin (signed), 2014


John Deaver Drinko (1921-2008)

Class of 1944

University Distinguished Service Award, 1981

Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1991

Presented by Baker & Hostetler, LLP, Cleveland, Ohio

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1985 (signed)


Moritz Law Library 3rd floor Hallway and Reading Room

Roger Hegler Smith

Class of 1940

Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1968

Presented by his partners in Eastman, Stichter, Smith & Bergman

Artist: Ruskin Kone, ‘80 (signed)


Donald Clinton Power

Class of 1926

University Distinguished Service Award, 1954

Distinguished Alumnus, 1970

Artist: David Philip Wilson (signed), undated


Charles Clifford Callahan

Class of 1934

Distinguished Alumnus, 1971

Presented to the College of Law by John D. Drinko

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1972 (signed)


John W. Bricker

Class of 1920

Distinguished Alumnus, 1969

Presented to the College of Law by Isadore Topper, ‘27

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1969? (signed)


C. William O’Neill

Class of 1942

Distinguished Alumnus, 1967

Presented to the College of Law by Thomas F. Patton, 1926

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1960 (signed)


Clarence D. Laylin

Class of 1906

Distinguished Alumnus, 1965

Presented to the College of Law by David H. Shawan, 1960, Isadore Topper, 1927, Richard N. Larrimer, 1925 and Gavin R. Larrimer, 1961

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1968 (signed)


Isadore Topper

Class of 1927

Distinguished Alumnus, 1964

Artist: David Philip Wilson, 1967 (signed)


Hon. Robert M. Duncan

Class of 1952

Distinguished Alumnus, 1992

Artist: Filipiak, 1995 (signed)


Grace Heck Faust

Class of 1930

University Distinguished Service Award, 1971

Distinguished Alumna, 1990

Artist: Korhumel, 1993


Hon. Howard M. Metzenbaum

Class of 1941

United States Senate, 1974, 1977-1994

Artist: Dr. Bernard Widen (signed), undated


Portraits of the Deans

Deans' Portraits

Moritz Law Library 3rd floor Reading Room

Portraits of the former Deans of the College are displayed around the perimeter of the Moritz Law Library's 3rd floor Reading Room. The earliest portrait in the collection is of Dean William F. Hunter, who served as the College's first full-time dean from 1893 until 1904. There is no portrait of Dean Outhwaite who served briefly as dean from 1905 until his death in 1907. The two most recent portraits in the collection are of Deans Gregory H. Williams (1993-2001) and Nancy Hardin Rogers (2001-2008). 

Marshall J. Williams* (no portrait)

Dean, 1891-1893

William F. Hunter

Dean, 1893-1904

Joseph P. Outhwaite (no portrait)

Dean, 1905-1907

George W. Rightmire

Acting Dean, 1908-1909

John J. Adams

Dean, 1909-1926

Alonzo H. Tuttle**

Acting Dean, 1926-1928

Herschel W. Arant

Dean, 1928-1939

Arthur T. Martin

Dean, 1940-1946

Harry W. Vanneman

Acting Dean, 1946-1947

Jefferson B. Fordham

Dean, 1947-1952

Frank R. Strong

Dean, 1952-1965

Ivan C. Rutledge

Dean, 1965-1970

James C. Kirby

Dean, 1970-1974

L. Orin Slagle, Jr.

Dean, 1974-1978

James E. Meeks

Dean, 1978-1985

Francis X. Beytagh

Dean, 1985-1993

Gregory H. Williams

Dean, 1993-2001

Nancy Hardin Rogers

Dean, 2001-2008

*No portrait is available for Supreme Court Justice Marshall J. Williams who served as the College's first dean on a part-time basis from 1891 until 1893.

**A large portrait of Professor Alonzo H. Tuttle, who served as acting dean from 1926-1928, is displayed separately on the 3rd floor, across from the study room corridor.  Professor Tuttle's portrait was commissioned and donated to the College in his honor by his students.