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Descriptions and links to Moritz Law Library digital collections, library print resources and archival collections relating to College of Law history.

Moritz Digital Archives in the Knowledge Bank

Course Bulletins Online

The OSU Course Bulletins dating from 1895-1896 to the present are available online in the Knowledge Bank. The Bulletins include information about College of Law course offerings, academic requirements and faculty. A separate series was issued for the College of Law starting in 1900-1901; the Law Bulletin series is available online through 1969-1970. Later College of Law Bulletins, dating from 1970-1971 through 2009-2010, are avaiilable in print in the Moritz Law Library's Reserve Room. Information about recent Moritz Law course offerings is now made available on the College web site.  

Bulletins & Course Catalogs

Bulletins & Course Catalogs

The earliest Ohio State University Bulletin was published in 1894; three years after law classes were first held downtown and the same year the new Law department moved to Hayes Hall on campus. The early bulletins list the law courses and include the names and degrees of the law faculty. Under the first full-time dean, William F. Hunter, the department became the College of Law in 1896. Beginning with the 1900-1901 academic year, the University bulletins included a separately published bulletin series for the College of Law.