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College History: Digital Collections & Archives: Deans of the College

Descriptions and links to Moritz Law Library digital collections, library print resources and archival collections relating to College of Law history.

William F. Hunter, Dean of the College, 1893-1904

William F. Hunter was a member of the Law faculty when he was appointed to serve as Dean in the summer of 1893. He was the first full-time Dean and faculty member who led the College during its difficult, formative years. During his tenure, the Law department was established as a College by the University Board of Trustees in 1896, and the College joined the newly-formed Association of American Law Schools as a charter member in 1901. He oversaw the College's move to a permanent home on campus in 1903 with the construction and opening of Page Hall, which housed the College of Law for the next six decades.

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Deans of the College

College of Law Deans

Marshall J. Williams, 1891-1893*

William F. Hunter, 1893-1904**

Joseph P. Outhwaite, 1905-1907

George W. Rightmire, 1908-1909 (Acting)

John J. Adams, 1909-1926

Alonzo H. Tuttle, 1926-1928 (Acting)***

Herschel W. Arant, 1928-1939

Arthur T. Martin, 1940-1946****

Harry W. Vanneman, 1946-1947 (Acting)

Jefferson B. Fordham, 1947-1952

Frank R. Strong, 1952-1965

Ivan C. Rutledge, 1965-1970

James C. Kirby, 1970-1974

L. Orin Slagle, Jr., 1974-1978

James E. Meeks, 1978-1985

Francis X. Beytagh, 1985-1993

Gregory H. Williams, 1993-2001

Nancy Hardin Rogers, 2001-2008

Alan C. Michaels, 2008-2019

Lincoln L. Davies, 2019-

*Ohio Supreme Court Justice Marshall J. Williams was the first dean, serving on a part-time basis without compensation.

**Judge William F. Hunter was the College's first full-time dean, appointed in 1893.

***Professor Alonzo Tuttle served as acting dean from 1926 until illness forced him to step down in 1928. Professor Clarence Laylin then served as acting dean from May 9, 1928 until the end of the year. 

****Professors Arthur T. Martin, Silas A Harris and Robert E. Matthews served briefly as acting deans, 1939-1940, following Dean Arant's departure to serve on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. 





Portraits of the Deans

Deans' Portraits

Moritz Law Library 3rd floor Reading Room

Portraits of the former Deans of the College are displayed around the perimeter of the Moritz Law Library's 3rd floor Reading Room. The earliest portrait in the collection is of Dean William F. Hunter, who served as the College's first full-time dean from 1893 until 1904. There is no portrait of Dean Outhwaite who served briefly as dean from 1905 until his death in 1907. The two most recent portraits in the collection are of Deans Gregory H. Williams (1993-2001) and Nancy Hardin Rogers (2001-2008). 

Marshall J. Williams* (no portrait)

Dean, 1891-1893

William F. Hunter

Dean, 1893-1904

Joseph P. Outhwaite (no portrait)

Dean, 1905-1907

George W. Rightmire

Acting Dean, 1908-1909

John J. Adams

Dean, 1909-1926

Alonzo H. Tuttle**

Acting Dean, 1926-1928

Herschel W. Arant

Dean, 1928-1939

Arthur T. Martin

Dean, 1940-1946

Harry W. Vanneman

Acting Dean, 1946-1947

Jefferson B. Fordham

Dean, 1947-1952

Frank R. Strong

Dean, 1952-1965

Ivan C. Rutledge

Dean, 1965-1970

James C. Kirby

Dean, 1970-1974

L. Orin Slagle, Jr.

Dean, 1974-1978

James E. Meeks

Dean, 1978-1985

Francis X. Beytagh

Dean, 1985-1993

Gregory H. Williams

Dean, 1993-2001

Nancy Hardin Rogers

Dean, 2001-2008

*No portrait is available for Supreme Court Justice Marshall J. Williams who served as the College's first dean on a part-time basis from 1891 until 1893.

**A large portrait of Professor Alonzo H. Tuttle, who served as acting dean from 1926-1928, is displayed separately on the 3rd floor, across from the study room corridor.  Professor Tuttle's portrait was commissioned and donated to the College in his honor by his students.