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Law Faculty Services

This guide contains information on the liaison program and on how the Law Library can support your teaching, research, and scholarship.

Reference Desk

The Library's Reference Department staffs the Reference Desk, where students, faculty, staff, and the public can come for basic research assistance. Faculty are encouraged to contact the Reference Desk for answers to relatively quick or small questions, like finding a particular source.

For the Reference Desk's contact information and operating hours, see the Need Help? page of this guide.

Research Support

The Reference Department is made up of law librarians that are expert researchers that can assist your research in a variety of ways, including:

  • Discussing approaches and ideas for finding information on a particular topic;
  • Compiling a set of articles, books, or other materials for your initial research;
  • Tracking down hard-to-find materials (e.g., legislative history, docket filings); and
  • Similarly extensive research projects

For assistance with large research projects, contact your Liaison.

If you aren't sure how big your question is, start by asking the Reference Desk. Whoever is staffing the desk will begin working on your question, and if ends up being too large to complete during their reference shift, they will forward their work to your Liaison, who will follow-up with you.

Mattering on the requested level of research, your Liaison may suggest hiring a Research Assistant to timely complete the project.

Research Assistants

The Law Library provides an annual training session for Research Assistants ("RAs") at the start of summer. Faculty will receive an email in late Spring with information about the session, which they can forward on to their RAs if they would like them to attend. The Reference Librarians are also happy to meet one-on-one with any RAs to provide more specialized training.

Additionally, research assistance remains available throughout the summer. Faculty are welcome to direct their RAs to reach out to their Liaison or to the Reference Desk for research help.

Keeping Current

We understand that it is often critical that you know the latest developments in your field. To help you stay current, we can assist you in the following ways:

Contact your Liaison for guidance on setting up and managing these emails, feeds, and other alerts.

Ordering Materials

The Law Library is happy to help you order personal copies of books. These purchases will be made from your research budget and delivered to your office or mailbox once they arrive. To request assistance ordering a personal copy of a book, contact your Liaison

The Library also welcomes suggested additions to the collection, particularly if they will assist in your scholarship and teaching.

Research Databases

The Moritz College of Law community has access to a large number of research databases related to law and other subjects. Faculty can browse these databases using either:

For issues related to accessing databases, contact your Liaison or the Reference Desk. (See the Need Help? page of this guide for the Reference Desk's contact information.)

Storage Tools

College of Law faculty have access to certain research storage tools, including: