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Microform Collection

This guide contains an index of the Moritz College of Law Library's microform collection.

Before Visiting The Microform Room

The Microform Room is located on the First Floor of the Moritz Law Library and can be accessed by taking the steps down from the Second Floor and entering the first door to your right.

Before visiting the Microform Room, you should be aware of the format and title of the item you are looking for. Additional identifiers include volume and issue numbers, dates, and if possible, the page numbers for a particular article. Knowing these before hand makes the search process easier, as browsing on the microform scanner can be tedious. 

How To Use The Microform Reader

  1. Turn on the microform reader with the large switch on the back of the machine.
  2. Log into computer. SL-Touch (the microform reading program) should open automatically. If not, you can open SL-Touch from the desktop icon.
  3. Pull black handle in front of the machine to reveal viewing area. Fiche glass will pop up.
  4. Load your microform onto the reader:

Note: If using a microfiche or microcard, place it on the viewing glass so the bottom right corner is flush with the black guard. Push the viewing area back under the viewer with the black handle.

If using microfilm, put the film roll on the reel on the left side of the machine. Push the reel all the way on the reel. Feed the film down under the first of the white pegs and then over the second. Continue to feed the film over the viewing area under the raised fiche glass. Feed the film over the next (third) white peg and under the fourth peg. Firmly place the end of the film in the slot on the plastic reel. Push the viewing area back under the viewer with the black handle.

[See diagram on top of the machine for further help.]

  1. Once SL-Touch is opened, select which type of microform you are viewing. The machine will make adjustments based on your selection.
  2. You can move the viewing area with the black handle to navigate the material. Reference the Toolbar descriptions provided for additional assistance when using the viewing functions.
  3. To remove, pull black handle until the fiche glass is raised.

Note: Remove the microcard/microfiche and place it in the black box on top of the cabinet to be reshelved. 

To remove microfilm, first rewind the microfilm. Then, click the top centered rewind button and wait until film is done rewinding. Place film back in box and put on top of cabinet to be reshelved.