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Accuracy Check Resources:

A guide to assist Moritz law journal members with cite-checking article drafts.

Creating Links

Citing to a Link

Bluebook Rule 18.2.1(d) encourages archiving Internet sources using a reliable archival tool like

When you use to archive a website, you should cite to the shortened, permanent URL that is created, in accordance with Rule 18.2.1(d). Basics

What is

An online preservation tool that addresses the problem of broken hyperlinks in law review article citations. It was developed by Harvard Law Library in conjunction with other law libraries around the country.

What does do?

It creates a permanent archived version of a web page and assigns it a permanent URL address. If a web page is taken down, anyone can still access the page with the link.

When to use

To archive freely available web content not already published in permanent form. Examples would include: blog entries, news stories, press releases, government reports.

When not to use

To archive content in a subscription database.

Setting Up Your Account

Your journal may already have a account. If so, talk to your editors about how and when they would like you to use it.

Journal editors should contact Susan Azyndar ( with any questions about setting up or using their journal's account.