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Accuracy Check Resources: Congressional Documents

A guide to assist Moritz law journal members with cite-checking article drafts.

Federal Legislative History Guides

For information on the legislative process and how to locate specific documents types, see the following research guides:

Other Legislative History Resources

For an index of legislative history research guides for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, see:

Congressional Document Databases
The official website for U.S. federal legislative information, including information on Members of Congress, committees (1995 - Present), the Congressional Record (1995 - Present), nominations, treaty documents, and bills (1973 - Present).
Provides free public access to official, authenticated publications from all three branches of the federal government, including select legislative materials. Most coverage is from 1993 to present.

HeinOnline Federal Legislative Histories [off-campus]
Includes comprehensive federal legislative histories for major Acts of Congress. The unique finding aid makes this a great place to begin your federal legislative history research.

‚ÄčProQuest Congressional [off-campus]
Comprehensive database with deep coverage on reports, hearings, bills, and Congressional Record volumes, in addition to compiled legislative histories.

ProQuest Legislative Insight [off-campus]
A partner product to ProQuest Congressional with select compiled federal legislative histories. Great database for locating all legislative documents associated with a particular Act of Congress.

Westlaw Edge (U.S. GAO Federal Legislative Histories and Arnold & Porter Legislative Histories)
GAO contains legislative histories for most public laws enacted between 1921 and 1995. Arnold & Porter contains legislative histories for recent, major Acts of Congress.

Congressional Document Collections on HeinOnline

HeinOnline [off-campus] contains many useful collections in PDF original image form. These collections are organized by "library" on the left side of the database main page. Several libraries are relevant for both state and federal legislative history research, including:

  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Federal Register Library
  • Session Laws Library (containing state session laws)
  • State Statutes: A Historical Archive (containing historical state codes)
  • U.S. Code (including historical versions and other compilations of federal laws)
  • U.S. Congressional documents (including the Congressional Record, hearings, CRS reports, and committee prints)
  • U.S. Statutes at Large (containing federal session laws)