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Election Law

This guide is designed to assist the faculty and students of the Moritz College of Law in researching issues in the area of election law.

Election Statistics Resources

American National Election Studies     **Free web site

ANES conducts surveys on voting, public opinion, and political participation and makes the reports and the data from these surveys available on its website.

CQ Voting and Elections Collection      **OSU (off-campus access)

Drawing from a number of CQ Press Publications, this collection includes modern and historical election results at the presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial levels, as well as congressional and presidential biographies, congressional district maps and profiles, and election analyses.

The United States Census Bureau      **Free web site

The Census Bureau collects voting and registration data in its biennial Current Population Survey (CPS) and provides survey information on its site going back to 1964. The Census Bureau site also includes Redistricting Census data for 2010 and 2000.

The United States Election Assistance Commission     

The EAC, under the Help America Vote Act, collects and shares information on election administration from across the country. The reports and data from its Election Administration and Voting Survey are available on its Research and Data page.

ProQuest Statistical Insight     **OSU

Statistical Insight collects statistics from hundreds of governmental and private sector sources and includes data about voting and elections. Also included is the online edition of the Statistical Abstract of the U.S., which provides quick access to summaries of statistics organized by subject.

Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections     **Free web site

Collects and maps election data down to the county level for presidential, gubernatorial, and senatorial elections.

The United States Elections Project     **Free web site

Professor McDonald's website compiles data on voter turnout rates and links to state voter list information.

Redistricting Maps

All About Redistricting      **Free web site 

Professor Levitt's website provides an overview of the redistricting process in each state, along with maps, data, and litigation concerning congressional and state legislature redistricting for all 50 states. He also provides links map-drawing software and other redistricting resources.

Disclosures, Contributions, and Expenditures

Lobbying Disclosure Search - U.S. House of Representatives      **Free web site

U.S. Senate Public Disclosure      **Free web site 

Searchable disclosure filings of lobbyists to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

FEC Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal      **Free web site

The Federal Election Commission is charged with administering and enforcing the Federal Election Campaign Act. In the Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal, campaign finance data for presidential and congressional candidates is available to search, download, and view in various graphic formats.

Foreign Agents Registration Act - Quick Search      **Free web site 

Filings of sem-annual reports to Congress of the agreements, income, and expenditures of lobbyists representing foreign clients.

Influence Explorer      **Free web site 

A project of Sunlight Labs that seeks to make campaign finance, lobbying, and foreign agent filings more easily accessible.

National Institute on Money in State Politics      **Free web site 

This website offers access to campaign contribution data from all 50 states. The Institute also provides reports based on that data to track trends in state-level campaign contributions.      **Free web site 

Run by the Center for Responsive Politics, the "nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics," this website collects and disseminates data on federal campaign contributions, including information on industries, contributors, and donor demographics. The site also includes data on personal finances of candidates, party fundraising, lobbyists, and PACs.

Political MoneyLine      **Free web site

Part of CQ Roll Call, this web site provides data and detailed financial profiles of candidates, politicals action committees, party committees, 527 organizations, and registered lobbyists. It also provides daily news updates on campaign finance, government ethics, and lobbying.