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Election Law

This guide is designed to assist the faculty and students of the Moritz College of Law in researching issues in the area of election law.

General Resources

America Votes! A Guide to Modern Election Law & Voting      **Moritz Law only; user password required 
Call Number: KF4886 .A86 2016

Published by the American Bar Association, this text provides an overview of key election law and voting rights issues, including redistricting, voter registration and ballot access, and voting technology.

American Jurisprudence 2d (Am. Jur.)     
Call Number: KF154 .A42 1962 (Reference)

This legal encyclopedia includes an entire title on Elections, providing a broad overview and citations to primary law sources. Am. Jur. can also be found online on both Lexis Advance and Thomson Reuters Westlaw (both Moritz Law only; user password required), as well as LexisNexis Academic (OSU; off-campus access).

American Law Reports (ALR)
Call Number: KF132.1 .A45 1992

ALR annotations typically concern a relatively narrow topic, providing a general overview along with a selection of relevant cases from multiple jurisdictions. This set can be found in print in the Moritz stacks on the 2nd floor, but it is also available online on Lexis Advance and Thomson Reuters Westlaw (both Moritz Law only; user password required).

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to U.S. Elections
Call Number: JK1967 .C662 2010

The most recent edition of this comprehensive resource for presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial elections information can be found in the Moritz Reference Collection. Earlier editions can be found on the 3rd floor. Much of this material can also be found on the CQ Voting and Elections Collection (OSU (off-campus access)).

Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics and Policy 
Call Number: K5 .L42

A peer-reviewed journal focused on election law issues, the Election Law Journal can be found in print on the 3rd floor and online, at the above link.

International Election Principles: Democracy and the Rule of Law
Call Number: K3293 .I58 2009

An American Bar Association publication, this book examines different election administration models and practices from around the world and the human-rights and democratic standards that ground successful electoral systems.

Voting Rights

The Voting Rights Act of 1965: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, 98 Law Library Journal 663 (2006).      **OSU (off-campus access) 

This helpful bibliography collects books, articles, and online resources on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and is organized into sections on the legislative history of the Act, the provisions of the Act and its amendments, litigation of the Act, and the impact and consequences of the Act.

Redistricting Litigation: An Overview of the Legal, Statistical, and Case Management Issues 

Published by the Federal Judicial Center, this text combines an overview of the law of redistricting with a summary of statistical evidence of racially polarized voting and a discussion of case management issues related to redistricting litigation. This is also available on Thomson Reuters Westlaw (Moritz Law only; user password required).

Election Administration

Principles of Election Law: Resolution of Election Disputes - Report to ALI
Call Number: KF4886 .P74 2012

Part of a current project by the American Law Institute, this Report includes a draft of a Model Calendar for the Resolution of Disputed Elections (8/9-week version) and the Reporter's Notes on the Model Calendar. This Report is also available on Thomson Reuters Westlaw (Moritz Law only; user password required). Although drafts of the Principles wil generally be confidential, you can check the ALI website for status updates on this project.

Exploring Initiative and Referendum Law
Call Number: KF241 . E54 W55 2009

Originally published as a special issue of Legal Reference Services Quarterly, this volume contains an overview of general strategies and resources for researching initiative and referendum law along with guides to the initiative and referendum process for selected states. This is also available on HeinOnline (OSU; off-campus access).

The Initiative and Referendum Almanac
Call Number: JF494 .W38 2003

Direct Democracy in Europe: A Comprehensive Reference Guide to the Initiative and Referendum Process in Europe
Call Number: JF497 .E85 D57 2004

This guide provides overviews of the referendum and initiative process for 26 European nations, along with a comparative evaluation of referendum and initiative procedures among 32 European nations and an appendix listing specific referendums from across Europe.

Campaign Finance

Corporate Political Activities Deskbook      **Moritz Law only; user password required

Published by the Practising Law Institute (PLI), this is a practice guide for in-house counsel that focuses on campaign finance and lobbying, among other topics.

Federal Election Campaign Financing Guide
Call Number: KF4920 .A6 C6 (Reserve Room)

This looseleaf service collects the federal statutes and regulations concerning campaign finance and the advisory opinions and forms issued by the Federal Election Commission.

Lobbying, PACs, and Campaign Finance: 50 State Handbook
Call Number: KF4920 .Z95 L63

For each of the 50 states, this handbook provides summaries of the laws concerning lobbying, government ethics, and campaign finance. This is also available on Thomson Reuters Westlaw (Moritz Law only; user password required).

Money & Politics Report      **Moritz Law only; also available on Bloomberg Law (user password required)

This BNA Report is focused on compliance with campaign finance regulations and is updated on a daily basis with legislative, regulatory, and judicial development at both the state and federal level.