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Research Assistant Resources

Summer and Post-Graduation Access to Major Legal Databases

Bloomberg Law:

Bloomberg Law does not have an “academic only” use restriction, so you are not only allowed to use Bloomberg Law during your summer positions but are encouraged to do so, for your work as a Research Assistant or for other purposes.

If you have not yet registered for access to Bloomberg Law, go to and fill out the required information. Make sure to use your law school email address. Do not worry about the blue activation code near the top of the page; you do not need it.

In addition to giving you access over the summers, Bloomberg Law also gives you free access for six months after your graduation date, so you’ll be able to use Bloomberg Law through November 2018.


The full content of Lexis Advance will be available throughout the summer,  and there is no special summer registration requirement or usage cap.

During the summer, Lexis permits access for any purpose, including your work as a research assistant or for any legal employer (paid or unpaid). And Lexis will continue to offer free printing in the library computer lab.

Graduates will have access to Lexis Advance via their law school IDs until December 31, 2018. Graduates will also have access to the Lexis Graduate Home Page, which focuses on career and job search information, beginning in August 2018.  Access will be automatically extended.  No separate registration is required.



Students can get full access over the summer if they have a valid educational need, working as a Research Assistant or under one of the following provisions:

  • Summer School
  • School-Related Research Assignment
  • Moot Court Research
  • Law Review or Journal Research
  • Non-Profit Externship (receiving academic credit AND unpaid)
  • Unpaid Internship/Externship (receiving academic credit AND unpaid)


Graduating students can extend access while studying for the bar by registering for Westlaw's Grad Elite Program. Registered graduates will retain access to Westlaw for 18 months following graduation, through November 2019. Please note that this extension access will be limited to 60 hours per month.

Other Library Databases:

Many other databases on the Moritz Law Library web site, such as HeinOnline and ProQuest Congressional, will continue to be available to students over the summer. If you want to access these while off campus, just remember to log in to the library with your name.# so that you are recognized as an OSU user. Graduates will not be able to access these databases from off campus after the name.# login expires; however, alums may use these databases in the library – we welcome you to come back for a visit.

Please stop by the reference desk or email Paul Gatz ( if you have any questions about database access.